Sun. Dec 4 - Member of the Year - Kathryn Messer was named the 2016 Member of the Year for the First State Corvette Club. 

Sat. Oct. 29 - Lake Forest Homecoming Parade - Thanks to Bruce Ballard, Darlene Hurley, Bruce Hartig, Donna Ballard, Rick Berry, Pete Thompson, Gordon English and Dan Dziombak.


Sat/Sun Oct 22/23 - 7th Annual Trip to Flight 93 Memorial - Once
again this year, a group of Corvetters traveled up to the Flight 93
Memorial to see the the progress on the visitors center.  Go to PHOTO
GALLERY for all the submitted pictures.

Sun. Oct 9 - Mystery Lunch Cruise to Schaefer's Canal House in
Chesapeake City, MD.  The hurricane left us just in time to ride north without any rain.  30 people had a great lunch and great company.

Wed. Nov 5 - Bruce Ballard First Meeting as not an officer in 13 yrs -
At the October meeting, new president Gordon English and all the
officers presented Bruce with a plaque as outgoing president,
a new club jacket with his office years displayed (2003 - 2008 Treasurer and 2008 and 2016 as President).  But he is not going
far ..... as he says, "Now he gets to sit in the audience and make

Sat. Oct 2 (rain date) - Milford Lions Club Car Show - FSCC had 4 winners in this show; Joe Hughes, Art Matachak, Norm, and Stan Lavend.  Congratulations.

Sat.  Oct 1 - Georgetown Wings & Wheels Car Show - Even with the rain, First State Corvette Club won two trophies; Dan & Sue Dziombak and Norm.  Congratulations guys.

Sat. Oct 1 - Breakfast at Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington - Helping under the guidance of Kathy Messer were: Jack & Sandy Powell, Gordon & Ann English, Bill & Kathy Olechny, Rich & Linda Cooke, Darlene Hurley, Tyler Bullock, Linda Silvaggio, Chatty & Sharon Reed, Jim & Kathy Bierd, and Ken Messer, photographer.

Sat. Sept 25 - Suicide Bridge Riverboat Cruise/Lunch - We had a total
of 58 Corvetters from the First State Corvette Club, the Beachcombers,
and the Coastal Corvette Club cruising the Choptank River for a Crab
Feast.  We had the top deck, live entertainment, and food galore.
Thanks to Ed Marcelle for arranging the fun.

Sat. Sept 10 - Coastal Corvette Club of Delaware Car Show -
7 members attended this new Corvette club show and came away with
4 trophies.  Pictured are: Stan Lavend, Tyler Bullock, Bob Davis, and
Norm Kiaunis.  Also attending were  Ed & Lois Pielech and Rich Corbit.
Congratulations to all.....

Sat. Sept 10 - Adopt-a-Highway - We had 10 members working along
Apple Grove School Road, West of Dover, looking for treasures.  With 8
pickers and 2 follow up vehicles, we covered the road in record time in
the heat and humidity.  Picker of the day was Kathy Olechny for finding
the most animal parts in our history.  Afterwards, several of the pickers
went to Hall's in Wyoming for a late breakfast.  Shown in the picture are
from left: Rick Berry, Sheree Waters, Bill Olechny, Linda Berry, Kathy
Olechny, George DeOld, Maxine DeOld, Donna Ballard and Dennis Hummel.

n. Sept 4 - Hoopers Island Seafood & Wildlife Cruise - CANCELLED
Due to hurricane warnings, high water, high wind and rain, we will not
be cruising into the storm.  Refunds will be discussed at the Sept meeting.  Stay Safe.

Sat. August 27 - Corvette Cruise In at Green Turtle - We had between
25-30 members attend the cruise in in Dover.  Great food, and even
better conversations.

Sat. August 20 - Annual Beachcombers Car Show at 1st State Chevy in
Georgetown.  Pictures show winning FSCC Cars.  We also won the Most
Club Participation Award.  Thanks to Linda Waal for pictures.  We have
           Jim Bierd with his Best In Show Award...

We have Norm Kiaunis with his Top 20 Award....
We have Stan Lavend with his Top 20 Award.....

And Tyler Bullock accepting the FSCC Most Club Participation Award.

Fri. August 19 - Cruise In at Rock Hall, MD - FSCC had 19 members in
11 Corvettes travel over to Rock Hall for their Friday night Cruise In.
Afterwards we went to the Lemon Leaf Cafe in Chestertown for a
L-A-T-E dinner.  Having a great time were: George & Maxine DeOld,
Bruce & Donna Ballard, Kathy & Ken Messer, Rick & Linda Baker,
Gene & Gail Kurylo, Frank & Linda Silvaggio, Darlene Hurley,
John Cullen, Tyler Bullock, Rich & Linda Cooke, and Gordon & Ann English.  Thanks to Ken Messer for pictures.


4 weeks til the car show - On Saturday Sept 17th, we will be putting on a
spectucular car show at the Harrington Fair Grounds.  This is an Open Car
Show.  Come see all the old and new vehicles.  For a car show flyer, go to the top of this page and click on 2016 Car Show Flyer........

July 27 - Display at the Goddard School in Middletown, DE - 10 members took their precious Corvettes to the Goddard School for the children of all ages to see, touch and question the drivers.  Some said it was the kids that had all the fun, but others seem to think they had just as much fun.  Here is a picture that says more than words can speak:  Norm's car being "touched" all over.  Below the picture you can see Norm's comments. Thanks to John Makovec, Mike Copes, Ken Messer, Dan Dziombak, Gordon English, Rich Cooke, Norm Kiaunis, Phil, Pete Thompson, and Bob Yacono.

Comments from Norm: "Being an ol' grizzly car show veteran, and of course kids, especially little kids, around the car is call for another dose of blood pressure medicine, anxiety control and an unhealthy dose of Sheldon Cooper OCD......but this was fun.  The pre, pre-pre, and pre-pre-pre school officials had asked a club member if we could bring a few Corvettes for the kids to see (code for crawl all over). Actually these little tykes were well behaved, and we endured some fingerprints. We had 10 cars show, Phil (SilverVert) as well.......and, presented by the kids, with a  big thank you, we all got a trophy with a lollipop.  That will be my most cherished trophy."  

July 24 - Mystery Lunch Cruise ala Bruce & Donna - We had 15 Corvettes
leave the BLue Hen Corporate Center in Dover, travel up Route 9 to Delaware
City to Crabby Dick's.  Two more joined us enroute, and two were already there when we arrived.  Thanks to Angelo for getting us preferred parking on the green in front of the restaurant, under the trees so the cars did not get hot.   After a great meal, many walked next door to the ice cream place and had more..... Thanks for all who came out.  Great Day.   As you can see, we had our own private room.....and were we noisey!!!

July 10 - Annual Picnic at Killens Pond State Park - This year our picnic
committee enticed almost 60 members to attend the picnic and participate in games.  From putting lifesavers on straws, to Trix on pipecleaners, to  stacking sugar cubes on a popsicle stick, to blowing mini marshmellows over a marked line, to 60's TV Jeopardy, to that large saran ball.....ever try to get your saran wrap off the roll when you lose the end - try to imagine a huge saran ball with prizes between the levels packed really tight with no ends showing.   Thanks to the committee for a great party and all the members for the great food.   Thanks to the two Eds that are better than one for all the cooking over that BIG fire.  Go to Gallery to see all the rest of the hilarious pictures.

July 9 - Nanticoke Riverfest Car Show in Seaford.  Three FSCC members
attended the show and came away with 4 awards!  Attending were Stan
Lavend, Tyler Bullock (1 award) and Norm (3 awards).  You never know
with these guys.....Congratulations.

July 9 - Citizens Hose Company Car Show at the Willis Auto Mall in
Smyrna had 5 members attending and came away with 4 awards.  Attending ere Bob & Linda Lowes (1 trophy), Rich Cooke, Dan Dziombak, Daniel Korytko (1 trophy) and Vikki Diehl (1 trophy).  Also receiving a trophy was the FSCC Club for Best Appearing Car Club.  Congratulations to all who stuck out the weather.  A little sprinkle did not stop them.....

July 6 - Scholarship Winners - At the July meeting, members of the FSCC presented the 2016 Scholarship Winners with their checks.  Each of the 4 winners received $500 to help defray the growing costs of college.  Pictured are: Member Jim Murray, Caesar Rodney Graduate Reeti Parikh, Lake Forest gratuate Kirsten Nguyen, Smyrna graduates Lucas Zlock and Mary Lemma, and Scholarship Committee Chairperson Lois Murray. 

June 18 - Corvette Cruise In at the Green Turtle in Dover.  FSCC had 16 Corvettes with approx. 25 members come for dinner and conversation.  The dinner was great and we had a nice cool shady spot for that lively conversation.  Tyler was there, need I say more.  If you did not make
the event, you missed a good time.  Next time......

June 18 - Corvettes on the Bay car show in Annapolis, MD had 3 FSCC members showing their cars and winning two trophies.  Attending were Rich Corbit, Norm (trophy) and Jack & Cynthia Mason (trophy).  Congratulations to you all.

June 18 - Adopt-a-Highway - On this day, 6 members of the FSCC participated in road clean up under the Adopt-a-Highway Program along the Apple Grove School Road, west of Dover.  The picker-uppers were Kathy & Bill Olechny, Gordon English, Maxine De Old, Donna Ballard and following in the Chase Car was Bruce Ballard, our photographer of the day.

June 11 - Independence Car Show in Millsboro - First State CC had 10 Corvettes attend the show and received 4 trophies.  The following people get trophies: Norm & Cathy, Vikki Diehl, Bob & Peggy Davis and Stan & Laura Lavend who also got a $100 gift certificate.  Also attending were Jim & Kathy
Beird, Rich Corbit, Wayne Esposito, Tommy Riebel, Dwight Shamp, and Barry & Joan Dietz.   Congratulations to all.......good show!

June 5- VFW Car Show at Del Tech Georgetown - FSCC had 7 cars attend this show and received 2 trophies plus the Most Club Cars award.  The Most Club Car award was $100, which the attending members decided to donate back to the VFW.   Trophy winners were Jim Beird and Norm.  Also
attending were Stan Lavend, Tyler Bullock, Dan Dziombak, Wayne Esposito, and Rich Corbit. Congratulations to you guys!!

May 14 - Smyrna Clayton Rotary Car Show - FSCC had 13 Corvettes attend the show on the Market Street Plaza in Smyrna.  FSCC won a trophy for Most Club Participation.  Members also won trophies as follows:  "Makes You Smile" Trophy to Norm, Best Interior to Tyler Bullock, and Best in Show Honorable Mention went to John DeRue, Jack Mason, Frank Silvaggio, Bob Horton, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Norm and John Makovec.  Also attending were Bruce & Donna
Ballard, John Cullen, Lorraine Kissell, Dwayne Lavender, and Jim & Lois Murray.

May 8 - Dover Days Car Show - FSCC had 12 Corvettes attend this car show at Legislative Mall in Dover.  Bright, Sunny day with wicked winds but we had a good time.  Especially the Ice Cream Truck.  Coming away with trophies were Norm & Cathy, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Jeff & Ann Witt, John & Susan Makovec, John Cullen and Bryan Utz.  Congratulations.  As Norm said "We had some weiners !"

May 7 - 2nd Annual KSI Car Show in Milford - FSCC won 3 thropies at the KSI car show with rainy weather.  Winners were John DeRue, Stan Lavend, and Norm.  Good show you guys. 

April 30 - American Legion Family Custom Car & Bike Show in Harrington on Saturday gave us 7 trophies.  Pictured were Sue & Dan Dziombak, Mike Copes, Tyler Bullock, Jeff Witt, and Norm.  Also winners, but not shown were Bob Yacono and Stan Lavend.   These winners were accompanied by other club members:  Rick Berry, Ed Marcelle, Bruce Hartig, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Ann Witt, Maxine DeOld, Philomena Meehan, and Vickie Diehl.  Member Jeff Oritz was our liaison with the car show.  Congrats to all.......even though it was COLD !!!

April 16 - 20 members traveled up to West Chester, PA to tour the American Helicopter Museum and the QVC studios.  Traveling and having a great time were: Frank & Linda Silvaggio, Ed & Lois Pielech, Ann & Jeff Witt, Keith & Lori Koyanagi, George & Maxine DeOld, Sue & Dan Dziombak, Gordon & Ann English, Ray & Linda Fullwood, David & Shelley Conboy and tour guides Bruce & Donna Ballard.   More pictures under GALLERY

Apr 2 - Breakfast Cookers at Ronald McDonald House - Once again the members of First State Corvette Club traveled up to the Ronald McDonald house in Wilmington to cook breakfast for the current residents.  Apron wearers included Jim & Vicki Erb,  Jim & Kathy Beird, Bill & Kathy Olechny, Gordon & Ann English, Angelo & Lee Rossetti, Stan & Laura Lavend, Jim & Lois Murray, Bob & Cindy Horton and Ken & Kathy Messer. Good work guys.

Mar 20 - Mar 30 - Royal Caribbean Cruise - Multi-Club - 13 members of the First State Corvette Club traveled from Baltimore on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to the Caribbean for a great trip.  The members were: Keith & Lori Koyanagi, Ed Marcelle & Sue Lehman, Philomena Meehan & Jeff Ortiz, Stan & Laura Lavend, Randy Goodlett, Jim & Kathy Beird, and Rick & Linda Berry.

Mar 19 - Cruise to Lancaster to see the Oak Ridge Boys - We had 16 members travel up to the Lancaster, PA area to visit the Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA, then eat a great lunch at the Plain & Fancy Restaurant in Bird-in-Hand, PA and finally see a great show at the American Music Theater.  The Oak Ridge Boys.  Pictured below is some of the group at lunch.
We see; Sue & Dan Dziombak, Sharon & Chatty Reed, Kathy & Bill Olechny, Bruce Hartig and guest Debbie, Sue & Don Hammond, Ann & Gordon English, and Phyllis & Richard Andrese. Missing from the picture but attending the show were Tammy & Bob Mounts.

Mar 12 - Dover St. Patrick's Day Parade -  We had 6 cars plus three more carrying Queens in the parade.  Chilly, drizzily day but the crowd were great.  Be sure to check out the pictures under GALLERY.

Feb 18 - Tour of Amazon Center in Middletown - We had 25 members travel up to
Middletown, DE to tour the Amazon Fulfillment Center.  Great tour and a great guide.
They give you headphones so everyone can hear what the guide talks about and the
amount of stock in the building is overwhelming.  After the tour, we traveled through
Middletown to a great Italian restaurant, La Piazza.  If you are looking for really good
Italian food, try this restaurant.  Thanks Claudette and Erick, owners and wait staff.
Thanks to those that joined the activity and hope your day was great too.

Jan 17 - Annual Duck Pin Bowling -
a group of 15 FSCC members traveled over to
Chestertown for our annual Duck Pin Bowling competition - the guys agains the girls. 
Bowling was GIRLS: Maxine DeOld, Ann English, Kathy Olechny and Carol Geiger. 
The GUYS: Jack Powell, Bill Olechny, Mel Geiger, George DeOld, and Gordon English. 
Cheering section consisted of the lame, infirm, or just too old: John Cullen, Kenny and
 Kathy Messer, Bruce and Donna Ballard, and Sandy Powell.  After bowling, we traversed
through the SNOW to the Lemon Leaf Cafe in Chestertown for a late lunch.  Great Time.....


Dec 6 - Annual Christmas Party / Meeting - The award for Member of the Year for 2015
was given to Jeff Ortiz at the party.  Jeff is our Parade Chairman and has the talent to organize
everyone into a stunning parade, no matter what the occasion.  Congratulations Jeff!

Dec 5 - Dover's Home for the Holidays Christmas Parade - We had 11 cars in todays parade.
Sue Dziombak was again guiding her reindeer Corvette down Loockerman St.  Three of our cars
carried dignitaries and the rest followed in full Christmas dress.  Thanks to: Jeff Ortiz and Philomena
Meehan, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Lee & Julie Moran, Bruce Hartig and Cathy, Dan & Sue Dziombak,
Ken Morytko, Keith Koyanagi, Bob Yacono, Ed and Lois Pielech and Mike Copes.  See all the cars
in their Christmas finery under GALLERY.

Dec 1 - Annual Cookie Exchange - Thanks to Tammy Mounts, the ladies once again traveled
the back roads of Delaware to meet, eat and exchange cookies.  Not necessairly in that order.
15 ladies of the First State Corvette Club attended a late lunch prepared by Tammy, discussed
many things over that lunch and then consumed many, many cookies.  Each year we prepare
two plates of cookies to raffle off at the Christmas Party so bring your dollars.  Goes to a good
cause.  For more pictures - go to Gallery and view the ladies at their best.........

Nov 22 - Mystery Lunch Cruise to Kentmorr Restauant on the Chesapeake - Norm and
Cathy took the group from Felton over to Route 50 and exited right before the bridge.  Going
south on the Romancoke Road we ended up at the Kentmorr Restaurant.  Beautiful view,
from inside the restaurant since the wind was blowing hard, and a great meal.
We had 26 Corvettes with 47 members made for a great group.  Thanks Norm et al.

For more pictures, go to Gallery.....and see the Birthday Boy Dan Dziombak.  Also
celebrated Frank Silvaggios birthday which was the next day.

Nov 4, 2015 - Presentation to the Home of the Brave Foundation.  At the November
meeting we presented a check for $5500 to the Home of the Brave Foundation.  This was
the proceeds from our annual car show in September.  Car Show chairman Chatty Reed
presented the check to Toni Bergfelder, a board of directors member at the foundation.
We have selected the Home of the Brave as our charity for many years now and we are
honored to help the displaced veterans.

Oct 16/17 - Free State Corvette Club's Annual Car Show in Ocean City, MD
Here's the only picture I have of a First Stater coming down the Boardwalk.  Norm
Kiaunis and his final stroll with this 1975 Stingray with Trailer.

Early FSCC Picture - This picture was sent to us from former member
Dick Tormet who currently lives in Ohio but plans to relocate back to
Delaware in December.  This is the earliest picture has of members,
taken in front of Jim Prettyman's house on Rt 9 in Harbeson, DE. 
Don't know the year or who is in the pix.....his guess is from front to back:
Jim Prettyman, Bill Wyatt, Larry Anderson, and himself, Dick Tormet. 
 Any guesses on the rest???

Oct 10-11 - 6th Annual Flight 93 Weekend Trip -

11 members traveled up to Shanksville, PA again this year to see the new

Visitors Center at the crash site.  Those attending were:

Alan (friend of Carl Acker), Jim Chapman, Tom Mehl, Cindy Wall, Bob Yacono,

 Ed Pielech, Lucy Mehl, Lois Pielech, Norm & Cathy.

Photo taken by Carl Acker.

Oct 9 - Friday - Caesar Rodney Homecoming Parade in Camden-Wyoming, DE.
Oct 3 Sat - Breakfast at Ronald McDonald House -

On  Saturday October 3rd a group of 15 FSCC members and 2 Grand-Daughters 

cooked breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington. Having a great

 time were: Linda Berry, Angelo Rossetti, Kathy Olechny, granddaughters Maura

 and Aislinn Smeader, and Darlene Hurley. Next row was Rick Berry, Kathy Messer,

 Linda Cooke, Mel Geiger and Jim Beird. In the back was Rich Cooke, Rick Baker,

 Carol Geiger, Linda Baker and Kathy Beird. Great people doing a great thing......

and don't forget the greatest Photographer, Ken Messer.....

Oct 4 Sun - Mystery Lunch Cruise - due to Gordon's fall at the car show and subsequent surgery, the mystery lunch cruise will be POSTPONED.

Sat. Sept 19 - First State Charity Car Show - After a foggy start, the FSCC Car show had a great
turnout.  Winners were as follows:
Home of the Brave Trophy - John Clifford of Hartly, DE with his 1951 Green Pontiac Chieftain
Most Club Participation award went to the Del Rods Car Club
Top 20 Awards went to:
  Bill Schuman of Oxford, MD and his 1949 Sun Rise Lead Sled Coupe
  Lenny Shaffer of Easton, MD and his 1934 Orange 3 Window Coupe
  Cliff Lee of Greensboro, MD and his 1929 Ford
  Paul Ayers of Dover, DE and his 1958 Orange Chevrolet Apache
  Eddie Wireman of Felton, DE and his 1929 Red Model A Coupe
  Ed Young of Easton, MD and his 1956 Turquoise Chevy
  Garry Lookingbill of Mountville, PA and his 2001 Black Mazda Miata
  Ray Flair of Ocean City, MD and his 2012 Red Mazda MX-5
  Fred & June Jolly of Wyoming, DE and their 1950 Red Chevy 5 Window Pickup
  John Lynch of Goldsboro, MD and his 1971 Green Mustang
  Richard Webb of Milford, DE and his 1960 Red & White Corvette
  Jim Farrow of New London, PA and his 1965 Blue Corvette
  Staffanie Gareiss of Centreville, MD and her 1991 Red Mustang
  John Koff of Dover DE and his 1932 Purple Ford
  Ralph Knotts of Magnolia, DE and his 1946 Red Ford Coupe
  Bill Starkey of Milford, DE and his 1962 Black Chevrolet Impala SS
  Monte & Steven Brown of Felton, DE and their 1965 Tan & Green VW Beetle
  John Clifford of Hartly, DE and his 1951 Green Pontiac Chieftain
  Bob & Lorraine Nearpass of Greenwood, DE and their 1949 Blood Red Willys Jeepster
  Alan Challis of Felton, DE and his 2007 White w/ Silver Stripes Mustang
And the Best in Show Trophy went to:
Roy White of Milford, DE and his 1957 Turquoise & White Chevrolet Truck

Sun. Aug. 30 - Wheels N Wine '15 - FSCC had 28 Corvettes showing at the Wheels and Wine
spectacular at the Pizzadili Winery.  Great day, Great cars, Great Friends.  FSCC won the most
club participation award for the 6th year in a row.  Congratulations Debbie's Fund for such a
great show.

Sat. Aug. 29 - Corvette Cruise In at the Dover Green Turtle - We displayed 29 Corvettes
from 4pm to 7pm in the back of the parking lot.  We had 41 people for dinner (15% off)
then sit around and chew the fat for a while.  Missed you there.

Fri. Aug. 21 - Rock Hall Cruise In - 10 Corvettes left Dover and traveled over to
Rock Hall, MD for their monthly Cruise-In.  They grew to 12 cars after arriving and
traveled to Chestertown for a late dinner at Lemon Leaf Cage.  Great food.  See
more pictures under Gallery.

Sat. Aug. 15 - Beachcombers Car Show at 1st State Chevy in Georgetown.  FSCC won the
Most Club Participation award.  Tyler Bullock accepted the award from Keith Koyanagi and
Her Von Goerres.

Fri. Aug. 7 - C7 Symposium - 13 members of the First State Corvette Club attended a C7
Symposium at Townsend Brothers Chevrolet in Dover.  This was to all new C7 owners to ask
questions and/or voice concerns about the new Corvette Series.   Attending were: Jim Murray,
Rich Cooke, Jeff Witt, John Cullen, George & Maxine DeOld, Stan Lavend, Norm, Jim Beird,
Tyler Bullock, Bob Horton, Charles Kosiek, and Terry Webb.  Also attending from Townsend
Brothers were Tony, Brian, Todd, and Josh.

July 23 - Aug 1 - Fair Week - Members of the First State Corvette Club volunteer to park
cars in 4 hour shifts at the Delaware State Fair.  Monies earned will go to a charity chosen
by the workers.  Workers are shown here:

Sat. July 18 - Wings & Wheels Car Show - 22 Corvettes from FSCC attended the Del Rods
annual car show at the Dover Air Force Base Museum.  Good weather, no rain, nice breeze,
and lots of company.  Also lots of relaxing too.

Sun. July 12 - FSCC Annual Picnic at Killen's Pond - 45 members attended the annual
picnic at Killen's Pond State Park.  Great variety of food and even greater array of desserts.
Sorry you missed it - mark your calendar for next year.

Sat. July 11 - Citizens Hose Company Car Show at Willis Automall in Smyrna - FSCC
had 8 cars at the car show today.  Great turnout for the car show - over 120 cars.  First State
Corvette Club won the Best Appearing Car Club.  Pictured is President Bruce Ballard
accepting the trophy for the club.

Sat. July 4 - Dover 4th Parade -
FSCC had 12 Corvettes in this parade.  Great day, not hot,
partly cloudy but humid.  Stepped off at 6pm on the dot and everyone enjoyed the
parade.  Some members went to the American Legion afterwards for refreshments and
a good spot to watch the fireworks.  Pictures under Gallery.

Wed. July 1 - At the July 1st meeting of the First State Corvette Club,
four area graduates accepted their scholarship checks.  Each winner was
presented with a $500 check to help defray upcoming college costs. 
Pictured are:
Club President Bruce Ballard, Jenna Campbell of Milford High School,
Gabrielle Bennetti of Dover High School , Gabrielle Virdin of Smyrna High
School, Fatima Edwards of Polytech High School, and Scholarship
Chairperson Lois Murray.  Congratulations to the Graduates...

Sat. June 20th - Methodist Manor House Car Show & Display in Seaford - 14 FSCC cars
traveled down to Seaford for a carshow slash display at the Manor House for the residents.
Despite the opressive humidity, all attendee's stayed for the awards ceremony and Rich Cooke
won the award for Best in Show, and Joe & Cheryl Crognali won the award for Peoples
Choice.  Congratulations to all.

Sat. June 20th - 58th Annual "Old Timers" Car Show in Selbyville - FSCC has winners at
the car show - Jim Beird won a Top 30 Award plus a Best Paint Award, and Norm Kiaunis
won a Top 30 Award.  Congratulations for the guys attending.

Sat. June 13th - Independence Car Show in Millsboro - FSCC had 13 cars attend this car
show on Samuel Adams Circle in Millsboro.  The guys won the most club participation
award and Mike Copes came away with a trophy for his 1959 Roman Red Convertible. 
Congratulations to all who attened in the hot, steamy weather.

Thurs. June 4th to Tues. June 9th - New England Cruise.... Last Thursday 17 Corvettes
and 34 members began a trip to New England.  We went to the Submarine Force Museum
in Groton, CT and toured the historic ship, The Nautilus.  We spend the night in Mystic, CT.
The next day we went to Newport, RI and took a walking or trolley tour of the town.  Then
we toured the Breakers, the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbuilt.  We stayed two nights
in East Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod.  We cruised beautiful scenic areas with some of the members
of the Cape Cod Corvette Club and ate at great restaurants.  We also go to tour the
Heritage Museum and listened to Victoria Wyeth speak at an opening exhibit of NC, Andrew
and Jamie Wyeths works.  We then traveled the length of the state of Mass. to lunch in
Sturbridge and then stay for 2 nights at the Historic Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. 
Mystery Cruise Monday took us thru the Berkshire Mountains, down into Connecticut to the
Lime Rock Park where each car got to race around the track for 10 laps.  After lunch in
Great Barrington, we ventured to the Norman Rockwell Museum near Stockbridge.
Between the cruises and the outdoor party near the Yellow Cottage at the Red Lion Inn,
everyone was entertained and more...  Our trip was arranged by former Cape resident who knew
all the right places to eat, which we did a lot of!!  Thanks Gordon & Ann English for a fabulous

Thurs. May 28th - Wax 'N Chat  at Norm Kiaunis' near Milford.  This is where the guys
bring their Vette's to wax but mostly sit around and talk, eat donuts, drink coffee, and
talk some more.  Fun times!!  If you look closely you will see ONE person working and the
rest are back there at the table.

Sun. May 17 - Mystery Lunch Cruise - Bruce and Donna seperated the group into three -
each with different directions to the Burger King in Denton.  One group went north towards
Viola then west to 313, another group went south towards Harrington and then west to 313,
and the last group went straight out of Felton to 313.  Thanks to Rick & LInda Berry for leading
the north group, Darlene & John for leading the south group and Mel & Carol for leading the
straight group.
Once everyone got to the Burger King we went East on 404 a few miles to Cohee's 404 Restaurant.
Had the whole place to ourselves and delicious food.  The sun even came out........

Sat. May 16 - Adopt-a-Highway - FSCC had 10 members picking up trash along the Apple
Grove School Road, west of Dover.  Helping were Dick & Carole Kisner, Bruce & Donna Ballard,
Rick & Linda Berry, Keith & Lori Koyanagi, Ken Messer and Bill Olechny.

Sat. May 9 - Smyrna Clayton Rotary Club Car Show - FSCC had 12 Corvettes attending the
show today.  Started out foggy, turned cloudy and just as the show was over, out came the
sun.  But the turn out was good - Tyler Bullock, John Makovec, Bruce Ballard, Chatty & Sharon
Reed, Frank Silvaggio, Joe & Cheryl Crognali, Rich & Linda Cooke, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Dave
& Shelly Conboy, John Cullen, Warren Hensley & Mary Ann Miller, and Lee Moran.  Two members
won trophies; John Makovec and Frank Silvaggio, and Bruce accepted the Most Club
Participation award for the club.


Sun. May 3 - Dover Days Car Show -  FSCC had 18 Corvettes attend the car show today. 
Beautiful weather and great conversations.  We had two winners in the Top 25 Category.
Pete & Vickie Thompson for their 2012 Arctic White Convertible and Norm Kiaunis for his 1975
Bright Blue Stingray and Trailer.  Congratulations guys...... The picture below shows Jeff
Ortiz accepting the trophy for Pete Thompson, who had to leave early...
Sat. May 2 - Dover Days Parade -   FSCC had 12 Corvettes in the parade, 3 of them carrying
candidates for Miss Delaware, and one carrying a Little Miss.  Shows below are Miss Dover
carried by Jim Erb, Miss Capital carried by Chuck Hutchings, and Miss Brandywine carried
by Bruce Hartig.  Thanks Guys!!!

Sat. May 2 - 100th Anniversary Diver Chevrolet in Wilmington,
 we had 4 members attend
car show; Jim Beird, Wayne Esposito, Norm Kiaunis and John Gula.  Jim Beird won a trophy for
his 1962 Corvette.  Congratulations.........

Sat. April 25 - American Legion Car Show in Harrington -
FSCC had 17 cars come out in
the early morning cold and wind to win 5 trophies at the show.  Pictures are winners: Bob
Horton, Tyler Bullock, Thomas Riebel, Jeff Witt and Frank Silvaggio.  Congratulations.....

First State Corvette Club will start having Cruise Nights at Jakes Hamburgers -

at the Blue Hen Corporate Center, Bay Road, Dover.

2nd & 4th Wednesdays from 5-9pm.

Apr 22                     May 13 & 27

Jun 10 & 24              July  8 & 22

Aug 12 & 26             Sept 9 & 23

Oct  14 & 28

Sat. April 18th - 1st Annual KSI Car Show in Milford - Great Group of Corvettes from FSCC appeared

for the car show today.  Norm found a great parking spot and a great shady spot under the flowering trees.

Thanks to Stan & Laura, Bob Horton, Bruce & Donna, Dan & Sue Dz, Jim Erb, Jim Murrary, Tyler, Tom Mehl,

Norm, Frank, Jim Woodland, Mike Copes, Mike & Linda Waal, Joe Hughes, Jim Beird, Bob Yacono, John Gula,

Art Matichak, Angelo and new members Milt and Janey Benton.  Winners of Top 20 Trophies were Tom Mehl

Norm Kiaunis.


Sun. April 12th - Open House Tour at Rick Berry's Garage and Toy Shop - 35 members visited Rick

and Linda Berry's Garage and Museum on Sunday.  Beautiful Day for Corvettes - indoors and out.



Sat. April 11th - Del Rods Spring Car Show at Greentree Shopping Center - FSCC had 10 cars

and 12 members attend the sunny but windy car show.  Great showing for spring.



Sat. April 4th - Breakfast at Ronald McDonalds - Another great

time at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington.  Many great cooks

new and broken in included: Angelo & Lee Rossetti, Rick & Linda Baker,

 Jim & Kathy Beird, Ed Marcelle, Gordon & Ann English, Jim & Vicki Erb,

Joe & Cheryl Crognali, Rick & Linda Berry, Rich & Linda Cooke, Chatty

Reed, Jack & Sandy Powell, Bill & Kathy Olechny, and Ken & Kathy Messer.



Sat. Mar 28th - Charity Display at Sports Zone in Smyrna.  We had 12 FSCC Members

come to Smyrna for lunch at the Sports Zone and display their Corvettes.  The event was

a fund raiser for the Rodriguez Family of Smyrna.  Thanks to Norm Kiaunis,

 Bob Yacono, Stan Lavend, Art Matichak, Bruce & Donna Ballard, John Cullen,

Angelo & Lee Rossetti, Keith & Lori Koyanagi and Ken Morytko.


Sun. Mar 15th - Mystery Lunch Cruise - We had 28 cars carry 54 FSCC Members

from Felton, over the back roads to Galena, MD to lunch at the Galena Pizzeria. 

Enjoying the trip were Norm & Cathy,  Ed & Sue, Jim & Cindy, Frank & Linda,

Chatty & Sharon, Mike & Linda, Jack & Sandy, Tyler, Stan & Laura,  Gordon & Ann,

Rick & Linda Baker, Rick & Linda Berry, Bob & Cindy, Dan & Sue, Bill & Kathy,

Keith & Lori,  Tom & Lucy, Lee & Julie, John C, Bob & Midge, Bruce & Donna,

Warren & Mary Ann, Jim & Lois, Jeff & Ann,  Ken & Kathy, Orville & Gloria,

 Bruce H & Debbie, Randy & Joan.   Food was great and thanks to Norm for  the great trip.





Wed. Feb 4, 2015 - Presentation of Check to Home of the Brave - before the start of the meeting,

a representative from The Home of the Brave, Toni Bergfelder,  accepted a check for $5500 from car show

chairman Chatty Reed.  This was the proceeds from out 2014 September Car Show at the Delaware State

Fairgrounds.  This brings a total of more then $11,000 we have donated to the Home of the Brave in the

 past two years.  They will be our charity again at the 2015 September 19 Car Show at the same place. 

Toni thanked the group and explained the women's housing has opened this past year and doing well. 

The organization hopes to amass enough donations this coming year to have a women's home build on

the site of the current men's home, on Sharp's Road south of Milford. 

Sun. Jan 25, 2015 - Duck Pin Bowling at Chestertown, MD.  We had 16 bowlers and 2 spectators

(cheerleaders) go to the Queen Ann Bowling Alley south of Chestertown for a morning of fun.  The group

divided into 4 teams, Girls against the Guys.  Team 1 was Mike Waal, Keith Koyanagi, Bill Olechny and

 Pat Callahan.  Team 2 was Bruce Ballard, Joe Croynagi, Rich Cooke and Gordon English.  Team 3 was

Cheryl Croynagi, Kathy Messer, Linda Cooke and Lori Koyanagi.  And Team 4 was Marianne Callahan,

Linda Waal, Kathy Olechny and Ann English.  Cheerleaders were Ken Messer and Donna Ballard, both

with bad backs.  Highest score for ladies was Linda Cooke.....and highest score for guys was Mike Waal. 

The Guys beat the ladies total points of 1250 to 1041.  It was close..... Afterwards, the group went to

Molly's Restaurant in Kennedyville, MD for a great lunch...



Sun. Dec 7 - Annual FSCC Christmas Meeting/Party - Thanks to Diane Acker and her committee

for another great Christmas party at the Harrington Casino.  Keith and Lori Koyanagi were awarded

their Member of the Year award by last years recipient Sandy Powell.


Wed. Nov 19 - FSCC Ladies Cookie Exchange - Thanks to Tammy Mounts for opening her home

 again this year for the annual FSCC Ladies Cookie Exchange.  Each lady attending brought two dozen

of two different kinds of cookies and swapped.  We also created two platters of assorted cookies to be

 auctioned off at the Christmas Party / Meeting on Dec. 7th.  After tempting hordervs of cheese,

 crackers, dips and assorted - we had Meat Lasagna and Chicken Lasagna for lunch.  Thanks again to

Tammy for the gathering and those attending were: Holly Kehler, Philomena Meehan, Linda Silvaggio,

 Lucy Mehl, Sue Lehman, Susan Makovec, Donna Ballard, Darlene Hurley, Kathy Messer, Margaret Failing,

 Linda Berry, Nina Lewis and Lois Murray.  Don't you wish you had been there...well, there's always next year.


Mon, Oct 27 - Scholarship Fundraiser put on by the Beachcombers - 8 First State Corvettes

traveled down to Millsboro to the Georgia House for a fundraiser dinner put on by the Beachcombers. 

An All You Can Eat Buffet was fabulous and everyone enjoyed the company and the food.  And on the

way home, Norm was taking night photos of the cars.  Said we were all in such a hurry, he only got a few.

Sun, Oct 26 - Mystery Lunch Cruise - Norm divided the 31 Corvettes into three groups.  Group Alpha,

led by Norm & Cathy left first, Group Bravo, led by Tyler left 7 minutes later, and Group Charlie, led

by Bruce & Donna left last, 7 minutes after Tyler.  A one hour and 15 minute countryside ride took us

thru Maryland and ended up back in Laurel, DE.  The restaurant of choice was Abbott's Grill on Broad

 Creek and they treated us royally.  In all we had 58 Corvetter's dine together and all had a GREAT time.

Sun, Oct 19 - Ride Around Dover Downs - Some 60 Corvettes from the First State Corvette Club

and the Beachcombers drover around the Monster Mile for a great time.  Some met afterwards for

lunch at Doc McGrogans in the Dover Casino.


Sat, Oct 18 - Fall Out 2014 at the Delaware Veterans Home in Milford.  Several FSCC Corvettes

were seen at the event

Sat & Sun, Oct 11-12 - 5th Annual Trip up to Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville,

PA.  The group of 12 Corvettes carrying 22 members left Felton on a rainy Saturday

 morning.  Corvettes do get wet (and dirty). The group went up thru Western Maryland

 to Grantsville, MD to spend the night.  A wine party get everyone ready for a great

dinner there at the Casselman Inn.  Just ask Tyler about the Chicken.... Having a great

time were Norm Kiaunis & Cathy Raley, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Kevin & Barbara Sartell,

Orville & Gloria Mills, Frank & Linda Silvaggio, Carl & Diane Acker, Mike & Linda Waal,

 Rich & Linda Cooke, Jim Chapman & Cindy Ware, George DeOld and Tyler Bullock,

and Gordon & Ann English.

The Flight 93 Memorial has started construction on the Museum and Visitors Center.

 You can see it in the top right of the picture.  Can't wait to see it completed.  A park

ranger told us it will be two buildings and inbetween them will be a deck of sorts that

will follow the flight path of the doomed plane.  After a rainy Saturday, we were blessed

with sunshine for our visit (windy and cold, but sunshine).  Thanks Norm for a great trip,



Sat. Oct. 4 - Breakfast at Ronald McDonald House - Members of the First State

 Corvette Club traveled up to the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington to cook

 breakfast for the residents.  Cooking were:  Keith & Lori Koyanagi, Rick Baker,

Kathy & Bill Olechny, Darlene Hurley, Kathy & Ken Messer, Angelo & Lee Rossetti,

Jim & Kathy Beird, and Sharon & Chatty Reed.  Good Job......

Sat. Sept 20 - First State Charity Car Show - The car show was a big success and

 wanted to share the winners. 

Best of Show - Ed Young of Easton, MD with his 1956 Chevrolet

Top 20 - Dennis Clement of Bridgeville, DE with his 1955 Chevy Belair

            - Ross Burton of Camden, DE with his 1969 Camaro

            - Richard Grimes of Wilmington, DE with his 2014 Mazda Miata

            - Eddie Wireman of Felton, DE with his 1929 Model A Ford

            - Edwina Scalzi of Centreville, MD with her 1992 Mazda Miata

            - Donnie Short of Magnolia, DE with his 1971 C-10 Pickup

            - Bill Schuman Jr of Oxford, MD with his 1934 Ford Truck

            - Barbara Plummer of Milford, DE with her 1938 Chevy Coupe

            - Donald Truitt of Magnolia, DE with his 1960 Edsel Villager Wagon

            - Martin Dusbiber of Milford, DE with his 1932 Ford 3W

            - Sam & Sissy Cammisa of Felton, DE with their 1969 Plymouth Coupe

            - Bill Kebea of Magnolia, DE with his 1999 Mazda Miata MX5

            - Denny Orem of Delmar, DE with his 1965 Ford Mustang

            - Jack Hartshorn of Millsboro, DE with his 1963 Corvette

            - Dennis Ridenour of Felton, DE with his 1938 Dodge

            - John Lynch of Goldsboro, MD with his 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351

            - Bob Avery of Newark, DE with his 1966 Corvette

            - Sam & Sissy Cammisa of Felton, DE with their 1934 Plymouth

            - Gary Wyatt of Greenwood, DE with his 1969 Ford Mustang

            - Richard Webb of Milford, DE with his 1960 Corvette


Mon. Sept 1 - Shorebirds Baseball Game in Salisbury - Members from the

Beachcombers, First State and Eastern Shore Corvette Clubs traveled down to

 Salisbury for the final game of the season.  After a parade lap around the infield,

we had box seats right on the first base line, really close to the field, and right

in the hot,  hot, sun....Most people moved up into the general admission seats

because they were in the shade! 

     Sat. Aug 30th - Milford VFW Post 6483 Auto Extravaganza - FSCC had 10 Corvettes

attend the car show and came away with 3 winners:  Jim Erb with his 1964 Riverside

 Red Convertible, Joe Hughes with his 2003 Torch Red Coupe, and Herb Von Goerres

with his 1998 Torch Red Convertible.  It was a very RED day.... Congratulations to all.

    Sun. July 17 - Wheels and Wine Car Show - Stupendous turnout from the club -

25 Corvettes - and we got two trophies:  Jim Melvin won one of the TOP 25 awards

and Bruce accepted the Most Club Participation Award again this year.  The 3 tents

were packed with members and Beachcombers.  Some chose to take a nap, some

decided to read while others just sat and talked......

    Sat. July 16 - Beachcombers Car Show - Great turn out - 14 Club Cars - two

Trophy winners: Stan and Laura Lavend for their 1971 Brands Hatch Green Convertible

 and Jim Beird for his 1962 Dark Red Convertible.  Also the club got the Most Club

Participation Award again this year.  Thanks to everyone that participated and thanks

to the Beachcombers for another great show.

    Our 4th and final Scholarship Winner - Cody Jackson, Dover HS graduate, accepted

 his scholarship check at our monthly meeting.  Cody will be going to the University

of Delaware to get a Criminal Justice Degree.  Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Lois Murray presented Cody with his large (and small) check.  Congratulations.

Sun. July 20 - Ice Cream Lunch in Denton - 12 Corvetter's journeyed over to Bullock's

Deli in Denton, MD for an Ice Cream Lunch today. Norm & Kathy Kiaunis, George DeOld,

Tyler Bullock, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Orville & Gloria Mills, Keith & Lori Koyanagi and

Mike & Charlotte Copes.

Sat. July 19 - Del Rods Car Show Wings & Wheels - FSCC had 17 Cars attend the car

show at the Dover Air Force Base Museum.  We won the Most Club Participation award

and member Jim Bierd won a Trophy for his Corvette. 

Fri. July 18 - Cruise-In at Rock Hall - 10 FSCC Corvettes and one SUV traveled

 over to Rock Hall for their downtown Cruise-In.  Parking on the street, roaming

thru the shops and having wine, beer, ice cream was the high light of the night. 

After the show, we traveled to Waterman's Crab House (about 3 blocks) and had

a great dinner.  Thanks to the Waal's, who have connections in Rock Hall, we had

 a reserved table at the outside pavilion where there was a water view and live music. 

Sun. July 13 - Annual FSCC Picnic at Killen's Pond - 46 members enjoyed a

 day of fun, food and tom-foolery.  Thanks to Chef Chatty Reed, the hamburgers,

 hotdogs and sausages were stupendous.  Congratulations to the Watermelon

Seed Spitting Champion Jim Erb for his distance and accuracy, and congratulations

to the Water and Spoon Relay teams for such fun.


Sat. July 12 - Citizens Hose Company Car Show at the Willis AutoMall in Smyrna. 

 Two members, Eddie Stone and Angelo Rossetti won trophies for their Corvettes,

and Bruce Ballard accepted the Best Appearing Car Club trophy for the club. 

Attending were Bruce Ballard, Eddie and Susan Stone, Angelo Rossetti, Frank Silvaggio,

Keith & Lori Koyanagi, John & Barbara DeRue, John Gula and Jim Jones.


Wed. July 2 - Scholarship Winners - Pictured are three of the scholarship winners

that came to our meeting to receive their checks.  Justin Wutka, Zane Collison and

Phillip Hendricks.  The 4th winner, Cody Jackson, will come to the August meeting for his check.

Sun. June 29 - Mystery Lunch Cruise Sunday had 60 Vetter's attending. Thanks to

Norm and Bruce, each taking half of the 31 cars and they took us on back roads to

our destination. Bruce took the northern route, Norm the southern route, and we all

 ended u...p at the Great Oak Landing Marina and Restaurant near Chestertown, MD

at the same time. Trivia winner was Cheryl Crognali with a free dessert, and we wished

Charlotte Copes a happy birthday too. Attending today was: Norm Kiaunis and

 Cathy Raley, Bruce & Donna Ballard, Don & Dorothy Ringgold, Gordon & Ann English,

Rick & Linda Baker, Ken & Kathy Messer, Jack & Sandy Powell, John Cullen,

Bill & Kathy Olechny, Dan & Sue Dziombak, Darlene Hurley, Pat & Marianne Callahan,

Tyler Bullock, Keith & Lori Koyanagi, Pete & Vickie Thompson, Frank & Linda Silvaggio,

Stan & Laura Lavend, Jeff & Ann Witt, Angelo & Lee Rossetti, Jim & Lois Murray,

 Bob & Cindy Horton, Don & Sue Hammond, Joe & Cheryl Crognali, Rich & Linda Cooke,

Jim Chapman & Cindy Wall, Chatty & Sharon Reed, Bob & Midge Yacono, Mel Geiger,

Carl & Diane Acker, and Bruce Wayne & Donna.